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Navette de vatry Shuttle destinations
Airport shuttle
Paris-Vatry Airport (XCR)

Several shuttles are available, providing multiple destinations from Paris-Vatry Airport in both directions. The transfer is made by bus or 9-seater van.

It is the most convenient means of transport to go to Paris-Vatry airport or to reach your destination from the airport with the fastest and cheapest way.

The shuttle stops are located in the city centers and near the train, bus and metro stations, making it easy to reach the final destination by public transport.

Conditions of care

They are defined according to the direction of travel of the bus or shuttle

Shuttle and bus to Paris-Vatry airport:

Taxi from Paris-Vatry airport:

  • Pick-up location: At the exit of the luggage.
  • Pick-up time: After all passengers have left the flight. The shuttle waits for the arrival of the flight even in the event of delay
  • A driver will be waiting with a sign stating «Navette de Vatry»

Door-to-door collective shuttle

It is a complement to the shuttle from Paris to Paris-Vatry airport. This option is valid for shuttles from Paris-Vatry airport to or from Paris-Bibliothèque. It allows you to complete the shuttle journey to or from your home or hotel in Paris to obtain a transfer by collective door-to-door shuttle.

Door to door shuttle to Paris-Vatry airport:

  • Directions: Home / Hotel in Paris - 93 avenue de France, Metro Library François Mitterrand - Paris-Vatry Airport
  • Pick-up location: At the home or at the hotel reception. The address must be in Paris
  • Pick-up time: Timetable communicated 24 hours before departure day

Door to Door Shuttle from Paris-Vatry Airport:

  • Itinerary: Paris-Vatry Airport - 93 avenue de France, Library François Mitterrand Metro - Home / Hotel in Paris
  • Pick-up location: When baggage exit at the passenger terminal.
  • Pick-up time: After all passengers have left the flight.