Last Minute Service

Looking for a good plan last minute for a shuttle from or to the Paris Vatry (XCR) Airport?
Enter your details here and mention in the subject of your mail "service booking request last minute". Any order placed beyond the D-Day -2 travel control is considered last minute.
Orders in last minute are taken exclusively from the Vatry Shuttle counter, directly or by telephone, to the opening of the airport hours.
The reservation is possible until the day of your trip or upon arrival at the airport.
Any order made at the last minute is a non-editable firm order and irreversible. Attention must-check before confirming your choice.

Last Minute Service: Shuttle Vatry
  • Ask first about the availability of the service requested and the other alternative solutions proposed by the Vatry shuttle team. Learn the waiting period provided when ordering a transfer
  • Fasten your choice and give the team Vatry shuttle shuttles needed to fill the reservation form.
  • A validation of your payment, you will have your voucher or paper form or by email in pdf
  • The confirmation voucher contains the information of your appointment. Print it out and present it to your driver on the day of your trip.

Booking conditions

  • Reservations at the counter directly or by telephone
  • Whatever type of service, booking until the last minute subject to availability of seats or vehicles.

Terms of cancelation

  • firm order, unchangeable and irreversible
  • No refund is possible for an order last minute

For any consultation for services in last minute

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